The Quest for the Holy Grail (The Self)

The Holy Grail has fascinated the Western consciousness for a long time. It is a treasure that serves an important motif in Arthurian legend, which flourished from the 12th to the 16th century, and belongs to the so-called Matter of Britain, associated with Great Britain and the legendary King Arthur, who presided over the knightsContinue reading “The Quest for the Holy Grail (The Self)”

Inner Gold – Alchemy and Psychology

Alchemy occupies a unique place in the collective psyche of humankind. We have spent millennia transitioning from instinct to reason, the culmination of which lead to the Age of Enlightenment, a radical cultural shift. Our ancestors, however, lived by instinctual impulse, rather than logical reasoning. We did not think about our actions, we simply actedContinue reading “Inner Gold – Alchemy and Psychology”