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Synchronicity: Meaningful Patterns in Life Eternalised

  1. Synchronicity: Meaningful Patterns in Life
  2. Active Imagination: Confrontation with the Unconscious
  3. Owning Your Own Shadow: The Dark Side of the Psyche

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Synchronicity: Meaningful Patterns in Life

“Never do human beings speculate more, or have more opinions, than about things which they do not understand.” Carl Jung, C.W. Vol. 14: Mysterium Coniunctionis From his childhood, Carl Jung experienced strange and seemingly unexplainable phenomena. He feared that he was going mad, and went on the quest to discover what they meant. “I saw…

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Owning Your Own Shadow: The Dark Side of the Psyche

“To honour and accept one’s own shadow is a profound spiritual discipline. It is whole-making and thus holy and the most important experience of a lifetime.” Robert A. Johnson, Owning Your Own Shadow Robert A. Johnson was an American author and Jungian analyst (a follower of Carl Jung’s analytical psychology). At the age of 11,…

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