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The Psychology of Projection Eternalised

  1. The Psychology of Projection
  2. Synchronicity: Meaningful Patterns in Life
  3. Active Imagination: Confrontation with the Unconscious

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The Psychology of Projection

Projection is a psychological fact that can be observed everywhere in the everyday life of human beings, whether you are having a conversation and someone tells you that you are projecting, or the first impressions you have of a particular person that turned out to be wrong. In our ideas of other people and situations,…

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Synchronicity: Meaningful Patterns in Life

β€œNever do human beings speculate more, or have more opinions, than about things which they do not understand.” Carl Jung, C.W. Vol. 14: Mysterium Coniunctionis From his childhood, Carl Jung experienced strange and seemingly unexplainable phenomena. He feared that he was going mad, and went on the quest to discover what they meant. β€œI saw…

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