Book Review: Memories, Dreams, Reflections – Carl Jung

Memories, Dreams, Reflections is the autobiography of Carl Jung written in collaboration with his close associate Aniela JaffΓ©. It was published a year after his death in 1962. At his advanced age he would not undertake anything of the sort unless he felt it was a β€œtask” imposed on him from within. Jung had spokenContinue reading “Book Review: Memories, Dreams, Reflections – Carl Jung”

Book Review: Man and His Symbols – Carl Jung

Man and His Symbols is the last work undertaken by Carl Jung before his death in 1961. He had never tried to popularise his work and refused several attempts by his colleagues to persuade him to do so. At this moment he had a dream. Instead of talking to the great scholars, he was directingContinue reading “Book Review: Man and His Symbols – Carl Jung”

Book Review: Modern Man in Search of a Soul – Carl Jung

Modern Man in Search of a Soul is a book published in 1933 and is a comprehensive introduction to the thought of Carl Jung. While some reject religion altogether and look to science for a new age of reason, others look in hope towards a spiritual rebirth. The book is composed of 11 essays. TheContinue reading “Book Review: Modern Man in Search of a Soul – Carl Jung”